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United States   Precision-T
Precision-T is the name of Orca Bio's (https://orcabio.com/) phase 3 clinical trial evaluating "Orca-T", a high precision cell therapy, for the treatment of deadly blood cancers like AML, ALL, myelofib ...
$200.00 vidhi Jun 22, 2022 203 48 days 7 hours
12 minutes
New Zealand   Trade First Limited
Trade First is a building trade supplies company. Please check the website here: https://tradefirst.co.nz/ We can and will change the colours on the website, it is not necessary to design a logo aroun ...
$200.00 Ismawan_7 Jun 20, 2022 454 50 days 1 hours
58 minutes
United States   O'Sullivan Legal PLLC
Law Firm Logo for letterhead, mailings, and business cards
$250.00 The ninja Jun 14, 2022 356 56 days 1 hours
57 minutes
United States   DH Tax and Consulting, LLC
Accounting firm specializing in employee retention tax credits https://www.lasvegascpafirm.net/
$200.00 mmyousuf1968 Jun 08, 2022 207 62 days 1 hours
16 minutes
United States  Private Contest  
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$200.00 pain2 Jun 07, 2022 87 61 days 5 hours
33 minutes
We are a new shop of pc components, we sell components per unit but our principle goal is to sell a built personnalised computer with the components selected by our clients.
$200.00 creativiti Jun 07, 2022 290 61 days 6 hours
10 minutes
United States  Private Contest  
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$200.00 Isa Jun 03, 2022 237 65 days 5 hours
6 minutes
United States   Alpine Roofing
Alpine Roofing is a brand new Roofing company in SW Florida. I am looking for a logo that represents the name related to Roofing, high altitude, and Florida. I do not want mountains in the logo, but ra ...
$400.00 LukeConcept Jun 01, 2022 570 67 days 3 hours
37 minutes
United States   juice
Consumer electricity company. Like a Utility but privately owned and hip and cool. Customers choose to switch to us for their electricity needs. One of the key places we'll market our services are o ...
$400.00 ullasbfa May 30, 2022 231 71 days 9 hours
11 minutes
United States   HAMPCOR
Speculative General Contractor
$200.00 FriZign May 29, 2022 353 72 days 1 hours
17 minutes
United States   Alpha Male Low T Center
Mens low testosterone and erectile dysfunction clinic.
$200.00 beningdolan May 27, 2022 122 74 days 8 hours
6 minutes
Mexico   Rojas Ortiz
A plastic surgery business/brand based around Dr. Jorge Arturo Rojas Ortiz (Mexico) who specializes in plastic , aesthetic and reconstructive surgery
$200.00 creativiti May 23, 2022 314 76 days 1 hours
58 minutes
United States   F F C or F F Charters
Fishin' Frenzy Charters (no g on Fishin. Not a typo). We are a private boat charter small business offering fishing, dolphin watching and small group cruises. We need to be able to use this logo for ha ...
$300.00 DreamLogoDesign May 23, 2022 161 73 days 7 hours
44 minutes
United States   Take and Seal It
Take and Seal It is a for-rent ranch and camping property (bed and breakfast). The name is a play on the famous Texas Come and Take It flag. So to some extent we'd like to mimic that flag style with ou ...
$200.00 titapletea May 20, 2022 232 79 days 9 hours
40 minutes
United States   Tiger Eye Wealth
Tiger Eye Wealth is a financial planning firm that helps clients plan, grow and protect. We provide education, balance and accountability.
$300.00 mmyousuf1968 May 19, 2022 199 77 days 8 hours
45 minutes
United States   Webb Payroll PEO LLC
Payroll & Tax Processing, Employee Benefits, HR
$250.00 Isa May 18, 2022 161 83 days 3 hours
28 minutes
Canada   BLCK. TOAD
BLCK. TOAD ball chn. jwlry. is a jewelry business that uses ball chain instead of regular chain. We use bright colored ball chain and connectors and black and white ball chain and connector. Our chain ...
$200.00 LuckyAdi May 16, 2022 52 83 days 11 hours
15 minutes
United Kingdom   SEC Cyclones
We are a new swimming club. SEC stands for SwimEasy Club and we are rebranding to be the SEC (SwimEasy) Cyclones.
$200.00 master.design May 12, 2022 163 89 days 22 hours
9 minutes
United States  Private Contest  
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$900.00 zank May 11, 2022 1108 88 days 3 hours
50 minutes
Canada  Private Contest  
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$250.00 Pakpo May 10, 2022 253 86 days 8 hours
6 minutes
United States   Beyond Books
Bookkeeping services Managing Accounts Payables / Accounts Receivables / Payroll Focusing on producing Business financial statements to help owners/managers make informed business decisions
$200.00 Pakpo May 09, 2022 242 92 days 10 hours
58 minutes
United States   Life is great on Route '88
This is for a college reunion. Would like the logo to fit on hats, shirts, cups etc. Our school has a tiger theme orange and black colors.
$400.00 buena_argie May 07, 2022 78 94 days 5 hours
46 minutes