Why Choose A Character Mark Logo Design

Modern society is constantly being flooded with media images. Television shows, movies, magazines, and newspapers all bombard the typical consumer with tens (if not hundreds or thousands) of images every day, encouraging the purchase of the newest products or services from an assortment of companies. With such a steady stream of marketing images moving before the eyes of consumers, it becomes important for a company to find a way to differentiate its image by initiating a proper marketing campaign. In order to do this, marketing professionals must approach the brand they are trying to sell with both creativity and clarity. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a logo, and one of the best style options is a character mark logo design.


 A character mark logo falls directly in the middle of the logo style spectrum. Word mark logos typically are comprised of only stylized text while pictorial mark logos are comprised solely of images. Conversely, a character mark logo is made up of a series of letters, often an acronym corresponding to the company or brand it represents. These letters can be designed in a variety of fonts, colors, and styles, allowing a company to create a logo that aligns with the impression they are attempting to put forth into the market. Many successful companies – such as EA, the video game company, and CNN, the news station – have well known character mark logos. NOS energy drinks, A&W sodas, and M&M candy also use this logo style for branding on their products.


The major benefit of this type of logo is that it efficiently gets the name of the brand across while still remaining compact and simple. The compact nature of such a logo allows for it to be easily printed on products or marketing material, unlike a word mark logo which might be too long and unwieldy for certain products. For example, it would be absurd to suggest that M&Ms be printed with some sort of styled version of the company name, “Mars, Incorporated” rather than the simple M that is currently printed on the famous candy. Additionally, character mark logos provide an advantage over pictorial mark logos in that there is rarely confusion as to what they represent. While an image could be interpreted in more than one way, it is more difficult for a consumer to become confused about what a few letters represent, as the meaning of an acronym is typically immediately clear.

Character mark logos are thus optimal because they are small, easily understood, and give up nothing in the way of creative freedom, as they can be stylized in various ways to make them fit the image of your product, service, or company. Given the accomplishments of various companies that use character mark logos, it is clear that such an image can be a successful and iconic marketing tool, allowing a brand to be remembered by customers for decades, leading to brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.