Why You Should Run A Logo Contest

When trying to produce a logo for a new or existing company or brand, many people often have no idea where to start.  Although there are many choices, one viable option would be to hold a competition.  This article will tell you everything you need to know about holding a web site contest and why you should do it.




To begin, holding a contest for logos allows for a wide variety of design submissions, giving your company a chance to be unique and eye catching to future clients.  This also helps designers by getting their art out in the public for more exposure, and possibly more work.  


How to Start and Run a Contest


The first step would be to set the amount of prize money that is at stake.  This is extremely important because the more money that you are willing to set as a prize, the more entries that will be from the best designers.  A large prize sum also increases competition, allowing for only the best creations.  Not only will you receive a wide variety of submissions, but you can also leave feedback and share the entries with friends and family.  In addition to selecting a first place winner, you can also purchase second and third place winning designs as well (the price for this is the admin fee and half of the original contest award money).  Next, you should set the competition length.  The maximum amount of days that the competition can be held is 14 days, but a shorter period of time is ideal because it puts creative pressure on designers, keeping them more involved.  It is important to be patient; you may not see designs that you like at first, but many of the best designers tend to submit their entries toward the end.  


Choosing a Design


Once the contest has ended, it is time to choose a winner.  The amount of time given for this task is 14 days.  When the logo website contest has ended and you have chosen a designer, you are able to message them or comment on the competition home page.  Here, you can ask for variations of the design, or any other minor changes that you might like to see.  This is one of the benefits of holding a contest; you can ask for alterations in the designs, which you would probably not be able to do if using another method.  The designer is prompted to upload the designs, and you will receive the downloads in one of the following formats: .JPG, .PNG, .GIF or .EPS.  Payment should not be sent to the designer until all of the designs are received.