Why You Should Update Your Outdated Logo

In today’s world, newer is always better. Everyone wants the newest technology, the newest clothes, and the newest styles. Successful businesses are constantly refinishing, retouching, and revamping their look so that customers remain both satisfied and interested. As the internet grows quicker and quicker, attention spans become shorter and shorter. Anything that isn’t fresh and exciting risks fading into the web’s virtual wallpaper.


Think about a route which you drive on a frequent basis. There are dozens of trees, street signs, houses, stores, and other assorted scenery along the way. Have you ever looked at something on that route one day and thought to yourself, “Has that always been there?”?  Your company can become like this if you aren’t careful. Your product placement, advertisements and web presence might be fantastic, but they also might eventually become just some scenery along a well-traveled route. Your target customer might see the tree, but they won’t notice it until it falls down in a rainstorm.


You have had the same old logo for years; customers and investors recognize it, and trust the brand name, right? Well, that might not exactly be the case. While logo recognition does often breed customer loyalty, it can just as often give off the wrong impression. As a savvy business owner, you have made sure that your company has grown and changed with the times, but how do your customers know this? The truth is they probably don’t! Your company’s products and services have always been cutting edge and up-to-date, but your logo has remained the same throughout. This can, in a very subtle way, indicate that your company hasn’t evolved either. Of course, this isn’t true! You need to make sure that your customer doesn’t forget you, and especially that they remain interested and satisfied in what you have to offer.


An often overlooked strategy to remaining competitive in today’s market is refreshing or updating a company logo. This might seem trivial, but remember that your logo is the public face of your company! Do you want to be a piece of scenery, or a standout landmark? Don’t let your hard work fade into the background.


Note that a refreshed logo doesn’t have to be an entirely new logo. You can keep the same basic concept, but polish it so that it looks newer and more modern. Your customers will be able to recognize the similarities to the old logo, but realize that your company is sleek, modern, and ready to roll with any changes that today’s economy and demands might bring. Many of today’s industry leaders modify their logos slightly on a frequent basis, sometimes even yearly. Google, one of the world’s most successful giants, has hundreds, if not thousands, of versions of its logo. Customers and investors welcome the change, and appreciate the attention to detail. Anything that you can do to make yourself stand out is time well spent. Nobody wants to work with a washed up business that appears to be stuck in the past; whatever your mother told you, most people can and do judge a book by its cover.