Importance Of A Good Restaurant Logo

What Is the Function of a Restaurant Logo?

    Human beings are visually oriented.  We use our sense of sight and visual cues and signals to interpret and make sense of the world in which we live.  Logos can help us identify what it is that we are purchasing, and help us to associate different food and experiences with a specific restaurant.  A good logo will improve a restaurant’s brand recognition, making it more recognizable and familiar to a consumer.  It gives the brand a sense of character, and a personality that that consumers use to differentiate between their many choices in dining establishments.  

A Good Restaurant Logo Reinforces Brand Identity

    With a good logo to reinforce your restaurant’s identity, hungry customers will feel like they know more about you and feel more comfortable buying from you.  This increases your brand visibility as well, because people will recognize the logo and immediately understand what restaurant they are looking at and what products they provide.  For example, Burger King has a very successful logo, with the name of the restaurant set between two hamburger buns. It is simple, to the point, and shows the customers what it is that they sell.  The logo is also bold, with loud colors, implying that this restaurant is very successful.  Bog Boy Burgers has a popular logo as well, with the boy holding a burger on a serving plate.  The boy is friendly in appearance and is dressed in fun plaid overalls.  This gives the consumer the sense that Big Boy Burgers has a fun, lively, and welcoming atmosphere.  Finally, Boston Market has a different approach when it comes to their logo.  They simply and subtly have their name in an oval, in white and a soft red color.  The simplicity implies that they have no need for flashy gimmicks, and the oval also seems to resemble a chicken cooking on a rotisserie, reminding customers of what the restaurant is best known for.  

A Restaurant Logo Must Make a Connection

    Another important function of the logo is to make contact with the customer.  It must build a personal and emotional connection.  When someone sees your restaurant’s logo, they should be reminded of the good food and good times that they have had there on previous occasions.  Bright colors are often helpful as they draw the consumer’s eye, and simpler is almost always better.  The simpler the logo, the easier the customer will be able to recognize and remember it.  It should also be versatile, so that it may be used for a variety of different advertisements.  A good logo can be used on a restaurant sign, on billboards, cups, napkins, etc.  Consistency is key.  Consistency in your advertising logo will help customers become familiar with it.  With time, this customer familiarity will lead to brand loyalty and trust in your services.