Update Or Refresh My Logo

When is it a good idea to update or refresh your logo?


1. Logo is outdated


When you first had your logo designed it was just what you wanted, but now it looks dated and in need of some upscale redesign.


Many of the logos that have been designed here at LogoContest.com have done exactly this. Take a look at some of our winning entries and you can see they have a current and up to date look.


It's also important to update your logo to show your customers that you still care about your brand and are always looking to do what you do...better.


2. Business changes require a rebranding


If your business was never on the internet and was always just a brick and mortar entity, then a logo refresh is a perfect way to announce your launch into the online world. 


There are many instances of a company buying a competitor and a logo update is necessary so that you appeal to all customers in your combined base.


It is also important to show your online customers that you are web friendly and are here to stay.


3. Simplifying to make your logo easier to associate with your company


If you decide to redesign your logo, make sure you do it professionally. These days, a logo isn’t just for stationery, coffee cups, or business cards. It will be on your website, billboards, print ads, your physical location (if you have one), and maybe even your employee uniforms or delivery trucks, so it’s important to get it right from the beginning.


By using Logocontest.com to update your logo, you will use the power of the internet and crowdsourcing to have 1000's of professional designers apply their thought and knowledge to what you are trying to achieve with your new logo design.