Your First Impression Is Your Logo

If you were about to have a surgery that would determine whether or not you would continue to live, would you choose the cheapest doctor? Would you wait until the last moment to have the procedure done? No.
In life, your job is one of your lifelines. It makes living affordable and in most cases, pleasant. Therefore, when you get the chance to improve a business – you should take it. Logos are a simple way to increase revenue and clientele.

What is a Logo?

A logo is a symbol or design that represents a company, organization, product, person, belief etc. An identity is the first step to becoming well-known. It is a way to sell a name and portray the meaning behind it.

Prices and Places:


Upon surfing the internet, you’ll find it is relatively cheap to find graphic designers. Many websites (like this one) allow you to create contests in which designers sign-up and upload their ideas for you to choose from. It costs around $200 to begin a contest, and with all of these experienced designers at your fingertips, you’re apt to find the most compelling symbol for your company.

Picking the Perfect One:


First, you must figure out what defines your business. Is it happy? Is it sad? Is it bright? Is it dark? Ask all the right questions, and write down all the answers. Find an artist. The design is everything – it needs to be eye catching and draw in the customer; it needs to be impressive. If you have less than acceptable drawing skills, your design probably will not lure in elders and sophisticated persons. Then again, maybe you are preaching to a younger audience.

How is it the First Impression?

Whether placed on a sign, in a newspaper or flyer, or on the internet – a picture is the first thing observed. People like to view rather than read. It is what grabs the attention of the audience and obliges them to continue reading about the proposed topic. Pictures were the primary form of language amongst humans, and visual communication continues to make the ultimate impact. Pictures trigger emotions and images that are unique to each person based on life experiences. These connections are important in a customer-company relationship because they promote feelings of loyalty, trust, and acquaintance. Expressed through logos are target audiences, a company’s mission, slogan, and name. It promotes the consumer to inquire and seek further information.

The Logic to Logos:


You want to relate your image to your consumer. To influence the correct crowd, you must consider multiple characteristics. Should it be predominantly masculine or feminine? Should it be bright and risky, or faded and conserved? Serious or playful? Modern or classic? And, most importantly, mature or young? Each feature must aim for the target. With the wrong information, the wrong impression could be made. A restaurant directed towards family service would want to portray a calm, comfortable, and “G-Rated” atmosphere.

When you’re considering your logo, make sure you consider your audience. Your logo will be imprinted in the viewer’s mind, and will determine whether you succeed in the business world, or not.