Business Logo Design Tips For Awesome Logo Designs Using Crowdsourcing

Businesses will always attempt to maximize a product’s profit potential and value. This quintessential rule of business works in tandem with innovations such as crowdsourcing. Similar to outsourcing, crowdsourcing “outsources” ideas and tasks to a group of people. True to business’ efficiency standard, crowdsourcing can occur in any location at any time, even on the internet. As an entrepreneur, you must submit a design project. Websites who contract logo designers will alert their designers of this new project and of the offered award. The client will be able to designate the specific traits of the logo and any effects they wish to convey.
    In creating a competition for designers to compete in, you will want to give out the name of your business as well as a slogan or a tagline. Brief descriptions are often exceptionally useful. For example, if you (the client) sell a product that cannot easily be drawn from the business name, the impending logo design will create clarity for potential consumers by depicting the actual product being offered for sale.

What to Include

    The second thing for a client to consider is the business’ target audience. A few barometers that can be used to find a “feel” for are age and gender groups, ethnic groups, education and industry groups, as well as lifestyles, interests, behaviors, and opinions. Upon establishing a target audience, it is crucial to determine what needs to be communicated. Targeting specific groups of people makes this task much easier, and it helps logo designers create an effective image.
    Any entrepreneur will also want to include instructions on style and content. While the client obviously has a choice over whether or not to use color, color has the potential of conveying a wide assortment of reactions. Red evokes passion, anger, and love; while blue represents knowledge, trust, and peace. Green, on the other hand, evokes fertility, wealth, and growth.
Beyond these common color associations, however, the client should also consider submitting to the designers some design preference sliders. For example, in considering whether or not to make a business logo playful or serious, it would be helpful to indicate to what extent you wish the logo to be playful or serious. There are many other stark contrasts to consider: subdued and bright, simple and complex, common and exotic, young and mature, as well as elegant and sporty. The contrasts listed here do not encompass the wide variety of different combinations possible in designing a business logo, but they provide a good vantage point with which to start the process.

Other Tips

    There are other logo design tips that help to effectively convey a powerful and succinct message. For the design itself, the client can select from several types of “marks”: a wordmark, pictorial mark, abstract mark, shield/emblem mark, or character mark. Deciding which type is best for your logo depends largely on your product, so be sure give it some serious thought. As far as pricing goes, you’ll probably want to offer at least $500 for a quality business logo.