Corporate Logo Design

A well-designed corporate logo can accomplish many things, all of which can potentially make or break a company. Even if a company has great customer service and excels at its specialty, a bad logo will make its public appearance to the consumer seem somewhat unprofessional. On the other hand, a company with a good, easily recognizable logo will continue to be recognized by the general public, even if they aren’t the best company around as far as business and ethics goes. A good logo will make a customer not only recognize a certain brand, but also make them happy; because in many instances, customers represent companies they support.

A good corporate logo should not only be easily recognizable and unique in design, but also functional and a solid representative of what the specific company offers as their service. Logos that embody these qualities can continually benefit a company for years on end; as timeless logos can begin to represent more than just the company, given enough time, it can represent the specific industry in which the company is invested. There are also several different types of logo designs, including wordmarks, and pictorial marks. Wordmarks include the company name presented in a creative font. Pictorial marks are an image or shape that is easy to recognize and connect with a certain business. These two types of logos have traditionally dominated the corporate logo world, but in changing times, logos are changing as well.

The recent dominance of the online world has created logos that are more creative, vibrant, and bold. These new logos are meant to “pop” off the webpage, as the logo is controlled by the two-dimensional world of the computer screen. As the move to the computer age has proceeded, many companies have taken their previous, classical logos and added many shadows, color gradients, and backgrounds to revitalize a traditional image and modify it for the current times. And while creativity and style are two very effective aspects of the logo, one that is too “busy” and has too many things thrown together can often make an area look cluttered, and unprofessional. All of these elements make creating a good corporate logo a tough task, as it takes a great amount of balance of many advertising and marketing strategies to draw in a customer with an interesting, creative design, but not make it complex to the point of ugliness.