The Importance Of A Custom Logo

Believe it or not, a good logo can go a long way toward the success or failure of your business.  People are very visually oriented by nature and are naturally drawn to visual cues and symbols.  Your logo will be what allows your business to communicate to potential clients.  It is your opportunity to make your first impression on them, for better or for worse.  This logo will become a part of your company’s image and identity, so it is important that the logo not only be of high quality, but that it also is unique.


While using premade clipart or computer generated logos may save you time and energy, it will certainly not be in the best interest of your business.  These logos may be generic and resemble the logos of other companies.  If your logo reminds people of another product, then marketing and advertising attempts will be in vain.  People seeing your logos may not be able to recognize it as yours.  Marketing investments would be wasted, and your business may suffer as a result.  Trust the design of your logo to a professional.  It will be your only shot at a good first impression.  


A good logo should be simple.  If the logo is too complex, then it will not be as readily recognizable and will not have the impact on consumers that it could have.  It should be memorable, and leave a lasting impression.  It is also very important that your logo have versatility.  It should be able to be used in all stages of marketing in order to increase the brand recognition and awareness of your product and services.  The more people see your company’s logo on signs, billboards, website, flyers, and commercials, the more familiar with it they will become.  This familiarity will later become brand loyalty and trust.


While a generic piece of clip art or amateurish logo can cause real and lasting damage to your business and reputation, a well-designed logo that is professional and unique in appearance will make an immediate impression of increased competence and reliability.  Keep it relevant to the image that you have prepared for your business and for your target audience.  Be sure to develop many options for logos and to test them on many different recipients.  Be sure that there is nothing that has the potential to be misunderstood or cast your company in a negative or controversial light.  Make the necessary time and money investments that show that you take your logo and business seriously, and your potential investors and customers will then take you seriously in return.