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Best Logo Designers


Since 2002 Logo Contest has supplied 1000's of graphic designers and customers an avenue to either find design work or a place to have design work done using crowdsourcing.


Today, we have gathered the absolute best logo designers from around the world to be a part of our logo contest community. To be a designer here, actual samples of their work must be submitted and in reality we reject more designers than we accept.


Create a Logo, Web Page Design, Stationery, T-Shirt Design, or Facebook Background


Typically, when most people want to create a logo, they outsource their logo design needs to one single company and their design is usually assigned to one single graphic designer which results in restricting creativity and options. How can this system possibly give you the choices you should demand when looking for your own custom logo design?


The answer is it can't, and it never will. If you choose this path you will never know the variety of options you could have experienced by having 100's and even 1000's of designers compete in your Logo Contest project.


If you already have a logo or you want to use your newly designed logo and need a custom web page design, stationery design, T-shirt design, or Facebook background, you can use our contest services for those projects too!


Please read our customer testimonials here to learn about the experiences others have had working on our site.


Logo Contest Community


Crowdsourcing is the answer that everyone has been waiting for. When you start your project here we will instantly inform all of our designers in our worldwide Logo Contest community that your project has started, what your design award is, and exactly the things you are looking for in your design.


Almost immediately you will see designs being submitted for your design project and you will be able to interactively rank the designs according to exactly what you like and even what you don't like.


Our wonderful designers will revise and fine tune their entries until you are 100% satisfied and we will extend your contest if needed until you are.


Logo Design Competition Website


We are the pioneers and the only logo design competition website that will allow you purchase the top 3 ranked designs if you so choose. Both the 2nd and 3rd place designs will be offered to you for only 50% each of your original contest award. Sometimes decisions are difficult when so many designs look so good.


Now that you know a little about us, tell us a little about you and follow this link to start a logo contest and you'll see the logo or design of your dreams from our professional online community of designers start showing in your contest in only a few short hours.