Why Choose A Shield Or Emblem Mark Logo Design

Although the world seems to be developing faster than it ever has before, there is still something to be said for traditionalism. While new companies offering a variety of products and services are often popping up with fresh new ideas, many consumers are most interested not in what is new, but in what is trustworthy and well-established. For this reason, companies seeking to market themselves to consumers may opt to consider a logo design that provides their customers with a sense of security, tradition, and strength. In order to establish such an image, a company may be inclined to consider a shield or emblem mark logo design, which is often the best option.

Shield or emblem mark logos are different from other types of logos largely in the way that they are contained. Shield logos are typically made up of words and images encased inside a traditional shield-shaped border. Emblems are similar to shield logos, except that their borders can vary much more in shape and size. Some emblems are primarily circular, while others are square, triangular, or diamond-shaped. Many sports teams opt to utilize shield logos, while circular emblems are extremely prevalent in both the clothing and food product industry.

Emblem and shield mark logos have a unique benefit in that they are extremely traditional. Emblems were originally used in a myriad of ways, including as seals which could be imprinted into wax to close letters and as decorations that could be sewn onto clothing. For hundreds of years, emblems and shield logos have also been used as symbols or crests representing families, businesses, and trade organizations. Because of the rich history of this type of logo, these images in modern brands can be used to give products, services, or businesses a retro feel.

One of the additional major benefits of shield logos is that the shield shape personifies an idea of safety and security. Used since ancient times as protection, shields are associated with shelter from injury or trauma. Thus, a shield logo implies that a brand can be trusted to always provide its customers with the very best products and services.

Ergo, when seeking to design a logo that will provide customers with the sense of trust they seek, businesses ought to consider a shield or emblem mark logo. With such a logo, companies can provide their customers with the optimal level of satisfaction and security.