Why Choose A Web 2.0 Logo Design

Over the past decade, the technology sector has continued to grow exponentially faster and faster. Undeniably, this has had a huge impact on the way that media is received by today’s consumers. Advertisements are not only available in traditional paper forms in magazines and news publications, but also on televisions, computers, phones, tablets, and more. With all of these potential advertising avenues available to marketing teams, it has become more important than ever for businesses to make sure that their image remains iconic and up to date, causing consumers to instantly recognize their products, services, or companies. This can only be achieved with proper branding, which often includes incorporating a logo.


Logos come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Some logos are made up of only images, while others are made up of abbreviated characters, symbols, or even whole words. Recently, a new logo design that relies heavily on computerized graphics is becoming popular. This new design is called a Web 2.0 logo.


Web 2.0 logos are only subtly different than there less technologically advanced counterparts, but these small differences can have a huge impact on the overall impression of the logo. First, Web 2.0 logos tend to feature the brightest of colors, rather than duller colors used by more traditional designs, which often cause a lack of depth in images. Many of these images also feature 3D lighting, further increasing the visual interest of the design. Additionally, glossy finishes and a reflection or two are often added as finishing touches to truly make the logo pop. Altogether, these small differences give the image a more modern feel. In this technologically advanced world where many of the largest consumer markets are young and tech savvy, such a design is becoming almost necessary in order to remain cutting edge. For this reason, many companies, such as the broadcasting company ABC and the online blogging site Blogger, have experimented with updating their old logos to fit a more modern, Web 2.0 design.


Hence, it is clear that when seeking to design a new logo that would have the greatest benefit to a company or brand, a Web 2.0 logo is an excellent design. With its crisp, modern look, such a logo will attract interested customers from all demographic groups. This initial attraction will result in greater consumer interest, satisfaction, and ultimately, loyalty.