A Great Domain Name Plus A Great Logo Equals Success

    If you are thinking about starting your own Internet business, then you have a lot of things to think about.  Chances are you already have an idea in mind, and a plan for how your business will work.  What is important now is to get yourself a high quality domain name and a great logo to ensure that your business gets off to a great start.

Why is my Domain Name Important?

    A great domain name has a few different characteristics.  It should be logical and make sense.  When people hear your domain name, they should understand a little bit about what your business is about.  It should also be easy to remember, and easy to spell correctly.  If potential customers are unable to remember your domain name or are not able to spell it correctly, then they may not find your website and you could very well lose valuable business.  An easy to remember domain name will also increase the “buzz” about your website.  Word of mouth will increase because satisfied customers will be able to tell others about your services, and those that they tell will be more likely to visit your site because they have remembered the domain name.  This also makes for easier marketing, because less money will have to be spent on advertising to get people to remember the name of your website.  This is also a good chance to improve your credibility.  The name of your website should appear as if you made a significant investment in it, both timewise and monetarily.  This will show potential clients and investors that you take yourself seriously, and they will do the same.  

A Great Logo is the Second Piece of the Puzzle

    Your logo is another chance for you and your online business to make a first impression.  What do you want it to say about your company?  For example, Prudential has a rock for a logo, which represents their dependability.  Blue Cross Blue Shield has a shield, symbolic of their protection.  And British Petroleum has a flower and green colors, symbolizing that they are environmentally friendly.  A great logo has many characteristics.  It should be simple and easy to recognize.  If it is too complicated people may have a hard time remembering and placing your logo, and may not remember where they’ve seen it before.  It should also be distinctive and relevant.  Generic logos will not stand out and may give the impression that your online business is “run of the mill”.  A great logo is also timeless.  Avoid trendy font and design techniques that may fall out of style in the near future.  Finally, versatility is a must in logo design.  You want to be able to use your logo in a variety of marketing and advertising settings.  It is important that your logo looks good not only on your website, but on business cards, TV ads, billboards, flyers, etc.  A versatile logo will become a visible logo, which will lead to more brand recognition and, ultimately, more business for you.