Why Choose A Wordmark Logo Design

In the consumer-driven market that most businesses operate in today, there are many factors that influence a company’s success. It is important that companies take care to honor the three R’s - relationships, results, and reputation - in order to be successful.  Incontrovertibly, one of the most important factors in the success of a business with regards to its reputation is its branding and marketing efforts. Without dedication to upholding a strong image, it is difficult for a company to maintain a large market share with a loyal and interested consumer base. In order to ensure that a good image is created and upheld, having a literal image- a logo- becomes extremely important.


There are many different types of logos that a company can opt for when designing a registered trademark.  Some companies elect to have text-only logos, while others incorporate intricate pictures and designs. In order to truly make a statement that will stay in the customers mind and allow for instant brand recognition, a wordmark logo is often the best choice.


 A wordmark logo is exactly what it sounds like- a trademark consisting of only a word with some sort of unique font or coloration. Typically, such a logo is a distinctly designed, text-only treatment of the name of a product, institution, or company, used in order to establish strong identification and branding. Many companies, such as Google, Wikipedia, FedEx, and Coca-Cola have extremely iconic and well-known wordmark logos that have aided them in succeeding in their respective industries. In most developed countries, a wordmark can be registered as intellectual property, preventing it from being used by anyone outside of the company without proper licensing.


One of the major benefits of a wordmark is the simplicity and ease of understanding it. Graphic trademarks comprised of solely pictures are often too busy and complicated. This lack of crispness can look unprofessional and excessively complicated. Additionally, with pictorial trademarks, a consumer might be confused as to what the image actually represents, as words are not present to explain. Different companies could have similar logos, which would lead to even more misperceptions. Hence, this can lead to brand confusion and poor consumer recognition. However, with a wordmark logo, the name of the company or product is obvious, as it is the only component of the logo. This memorable identity will stick in the consumer’s mind, thus creating greater brand recognition. Additionally, the text-only nature of a wordmark logo does not mean that the logo will not be interesting. By using attention-grabbing colors and fonts, companies can ensure that the logos are eye-catching.


Ergo, out of all of the different types of logos that a business can select to represent a product, institution, or company, a wordmark logo is often the obvious choice. While image-based logos can be confusing and overly complicated, textually based logos can be just as attractive while possessing much greater clarity for a strong marketing campaign.