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United States   Ambitiously Average
This is the Ambitiously Average Podcast where we look to encourage, uplift, inspire, and fill lives with laughter, enjoyment, wisdom & understanding between two generations.
$200.00 creativiti Jul 02, 2020 267 3 days 5 hours
52 minutes
United States   Nueces Petroleum
Oil exploration and drilling company.
$300.00 nicanice Jun 27, 2020 244 9 days 9 hours
2 minutes
United States   The Eyes of Texas
Investigative journalism is a form of journalism in which reporters deeply investigate a single topic of interest, such as serious crimes, political corruption, or corporate wrongdoing. An investigativ ...
$300.00 Kebasen Jun 27, 2020 119 9 days 11 hours
49 minutes
Canada  Private Contest  
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$300.00 agus57septian67 Jun 25, 2020 323 6 days 14 hours
47 minutes
United States   Rebancarizate
REbancarizate is a company that helps people "normalize" or "fix" their credit history through their payment of loans in arrears after negotiations made with original lender. Bancarizate in spanish ...
$225.00 Isa Jun 24, 2020 230 12 days 11 hours
57 minutes
United States   Phil Moore Golf
I'm a sole proprietor and I do exactly what my tagline suggests. For the past 20 years, I've become well known for the large, wide-brim, style of hat that I ALWAYS wear. You can see it from various ang ...
$300.00 fkreationz Jun 23, 2020 189 8 days 13 hours
26 minutes
United States   Stormwater Services
Detention pond cutting and renovation
$200.00 Kebasen Jun 23, 2020 92 12 days 3 hours
59 minutes
United States   Cahoon Sports Consulting
I mainly just want the logo to have Cahoon in a Symmetrical with a goat head behind it. Somewhat like the ignite logo.
$500.00 dizidesign Jun 22, 2020 283 14 days 12 hours
47 minutes
United States   HomeRun Alley
We are building an indoor/outdoor baseball/softball practice facility that will become home to several age group club baseball teams (ages 7-13). We are looking for a logo that we can use for our buil ...
$350.00 thre3 Jun 21, 2020 161 13 days 14 hours
2 minutes
Thailand   one big team
The logo will be owned and displayed by a group of online network marketers who work in the health and skin care products segment. One Big Team will be a "by invitation only" closed club who follow the ...
$250.00 ikiwae Jun 20, 2020 113 16 days 14 hours
13 minutes
United States   Sound Automotive Group
Looking to design a new line of packaging for our products. These corrugated boxes will be used for worldwide shipping. The packaging will consist of a 36 x 10 x 1.25 box and a 36 x 10 corrugated cardb ...
$300.00 blvck Jun 20, 2020 255 12 days 5 hours
5 minutes
United States   Belt Concepts
US based company that produces conveyor belts for many applications- from package & mail handling to food processing, fitness equipment, agriculture and more. We do not sell the whole system just the ...
$240.00 alugara Jun 19, 2020 224 17 days 9 hours
27 minutes
United States   Magnum Auto Services
Oil and tire change company
$300.00 LukeConcept Jun 19, 2020 235 15 days 14 hours
39 minutes
United States  Private Contest  
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$200.00 logotabbu123 Jun 19, 2020 294 18 days 5 hours
27 minutes
United States   Select Surgical
Selling medical supplies look at shopsps.com xs supply west cmr
$250.00 creativearts Jun 15, 2020 246 21 days 10 hours
3 minutes
United States   The House on Lovers
This is a very high end hair salon for the coolest super wealthy with a young vibe. This 1950s white painted brick building furnished with a home vibe of contemporary and transitional furnishings, arti ...
$300.00 vidhi Jun 13, 2020 189 24 days 4 hours
13 minutes