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United States   Outlaw Hot Rod Parts
We build custom 30's era parts that include a cowl steering gear box, hand formed laid back windshield for 32 roadsters, custom tops and torsion bar kits for 1932-1934 ford chassis
$350.00 master.design Dec 01, 2022 112 296 days 22 hours
51 minutes
United States   Sustainable Durham
Town of Durham NH campaign to bolster town wide implementation of robust sustainability practices including renewable energy solutions; increased local agriculture; reusing, repurposing and recycling t ...
$500.00 plat AA Nov 30, 2022 538 297 days 7 hours
49 minutes
Panama   Kaya Morrillo
Kaya Morrillo Boutique resort. we are building a beach hotel intended for yogis and surfers. its in the upscale range. It is named after a chameleon and we want to go for the "zen" and peaceful look ...
$200.00 creativiti Nov 30, 2022 145 300 days 7 hours
57 minutes
United States   Bigfoot Event & Party Rentals
We primarily provide 360 photo booths rentals for events like weddings, parties, businesses, etc., but later may expand to different rental items.
$250.00 creativiti Nov 25, 2022 393 302 days 1 hours
59 minutes
United States   LJ Wellness Lauren Jenkins, Nutrition Coach
LJ Wellness, Lauren Jenkins Certified Nutrition Coach as the name. I wanted to see if I could incorporate some type of balance scale to symbolize wellness with a balance of nutrition on one side and mo ...
$200.00 zank Nov 25, 2022 242 305 days 7 hours
5 minutes
United States   Jesus Joy
looking for a clean logo for a new merchandise company called Jesus Joy logo should incorporate bright colors such as light bright blue and yellow, logo can utilize the initials JJ or spell out the na ...
$200.00 creativiti Nov 23, 2022 211 309 days 5 hours
45 minutes
United States   Labor Providers LLC
Labor Providers specializes in sending out hard working people that will earn their money. We do staffing for a multitude of of needs. We can send out as few as 5 people to 150 people.
$250.00 Leons Nov 22, 2022 286 310 days 5 hours
57 minutes
United States   Naperville Waves
Adult fitness and competitive swimmers ages 18-90
$250.00 mmyousuf1968 Nov 19, 2022 454 308 days 5 hours
19 minutes
United States   Remnant Christian Schools
My husband and I are starting a school and we need a logo. The name is Remnant Christian Schools and we would like the logo to include "RCS" (the abbreviation of the school) or the full name (whichever ...
$200.00 SpeedyGonzales Nov 17, 2022 214 315 days 9 hours
55 minutes
United States   Pleasure Mastery
Course to learn how to feel and give pleasure better.
$250.00 Not selected Nov 16, 2022 124 316 days 1 hours
43 minutes
United States   The Retreat
I would like an image from one of these reatreats (people by the lake, whiteboard, fire, lodge,etc) recreated in the 'paint by number' style of the attached graphic. I can send along the image if you ...
$250.00 Not selected Nov 15, 2022 42 312 days 6 hours
37 minutes
United States   Enhance Fitness LLC
Enhance Fitness LLC, is design to help mentally, emotionally and physical health.
$350.00 Pakpo Nov 14, 2022 591 313 days 1 hours
42 minutes
United States   FCFP
short term financial platform lending to contractors after natural disasters in the United States. The parent company of the FCFP is Atlys Global, LLC (www.atlysglobal.com). The FCFP will be sold/marke ...
$400.00 zedlexis Nov 14, 2022 767 318 days 7 hours
45 minutes
United States   Hydracoat
Hydracoat is a conformal coating product, produced by International Coatings & Solders
$400.00 masnau Nov 14, 2022 556 316 days 8 hours
25 minutes
United States   Excel Seamless Gutters
Construction company - excel seamless gutters
$500.00 SonicDesigns Nov 08, 2022 399 322 days 22 hours
39 minutes
United States   Beach Bum Outdoors
Fishing and Tackle store
$200.00 zank Nov 07, 2022 198 325 days 0 hours
11 minutes
United States   LaPrelle Group
New design needed for my real estate team. I am ONLY looking upscale and classy black background and gold lettering but will still look good on paper. I am open but leaning towards my initials - wh ...
$200.00 zank Nov 07, 2022 371 325 days 4 hours
45 minutes
United States   LatheJazz
Company creates works of art and functional items made exclusively on a lathe making use of many materials.
$300.00 Getzcrutz Nov 07, 2022 223 323 days 13 hours
23 minutes
United Arab Emirates   uconnect
We sell technology based IoT gateways , routers, Protocol coverters, 4G routers, BMS gateways. Our devices mostly are connected to internet, signal based, IO devices
$200.00 Isa Nov 05, 2022 374 325 days 15 hours
23 minutes
United States   THE DISTRICT
$200.00 Not selected Nov 03, 2022 153 329 days 20 hours
15 minutes
United States   BUTLER TRASH
$200.00 Not selected Nov 03, 2022 135 329 days 20 hours
19 minutes
Switzerland  Private Contest  
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$500.00 Not selected Nov 01, 2022 616 331 days 21 hours
39 minutes
United States   GT3
Business consulting firm with focus on blockchain, web3, metaverse, NFTs working within the tech, media and entertainment verticals
$200.00 plat AA Oct 26, 2022 307 337 days 21 hours
31 minutes
Australia   ICB Atlantics
Our swim team Atlantics is new and modern, so the logo should be clear with that. the logo should have a trident on it representing the Greek mythology Poseidon and his trident.
$200.00 Not selected Oct 25, 2022 170 338 days 17 hours
35 minutes
United States  Private Contest  
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$600.00 Not selected Oct 24, 2022 878 330 days 1 hours
32 minutes