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Project Prize Status Posted On Entries End
United Kingdom   Steel Yard Radio
We are a new internet radio show
$400.00 Judging Oct 11, 2021 452 Judging
Canada   Optimizing Profits
We are a business consulting, mentoring, and learning site. We help business grow through mentoring, teaching, enjoying community
$250.00 Judging Oct 06, 2021 180 Judging
United States   Cedar Park Chiropractic Relief
Chiropractic office focused on quick, effective treatment to eliminate pain.
$200.00 Judging Sep 29, 2021 246 Judging
United States   Summit Air Industries
We sell and service a high end air purifier and allergy safe cleaning system. (2 separate units) Our primary focus is on air purification.
$250.00 Judging Sep 22, 2021 214 Judging
Canada  Private Contest  
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$300.00 Judging Aug 04, 2021 196 Judging
United States   Crowned Eagle Collective
national high end consulting firm focusing on politics
$250.00 Judging Jul 07, 2021 337 Judging
Australia  Private Contest  
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$250.00 Judging Jun 19, 2021 258 Judging
United States   KING
This will be a kids friendly clothing brand
$200.00 Judging Jun 08, 2021 96 Judging
United States   Boca Bay Beauty
The Boca Bay should be the Name with beauty as a smaller accent with possibly an icon or shape
$500.00 Judging May 25, 2021 312 Judging
Monaco   PrivateMonaco
Private Monaco is a luxury plateform for exclusive travel experiences in Monaco and French Riviera
$300.00 Judging May 10, 2021 300 Judging