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Project Prize Status Posted On Entries End
United States   The Ranch T90
Horse Boarding, Riding
$350.00 Judging Jul 06, 2020 278 Judging
United States   Copper Mountain Logistics
We are a freight broker company. We put carriers together with customers wanting to move freight.
$250.00 Judging Jul 06, 2020 192 Judging
United States   TFIT
My Mission is to help a broken society realize the lie that's been told to them. You ARE WORTHY, YOU ARE VALUABLE, YOU ARE CONFIDENT! By listening we will create a deep connection that will help buil ...
$250.00 Judging Jul 04, 2020 216 Judging
United Kingdom   All About Alzheimers
Monthly email newsletter targetted at carers looking after their loved ones who have alzheimers
$250.00 Judging Jul 04, 2020 109 Judging
United States   HEES
A lead acid battery storage system for the home similar to the tesla power wall or the Generac Power Cell.
$300.00 Judging Jul 01, 2020 263 Judging
United States  Private Contest  
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$500.00 Judging Jun 25, 2020 283 Judging
Poland  Private Contest  
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$1000.00 Judging Jun 19, 2020 332 Judging
Canada   Lynch Ag Ltd
Family Farm producing grains and potatoes
$450.00 Judging Jun 19, 2020 188 Judging
United States   My MPowered Life
Financial coaching and blogging to coach young professionals create and execute a financial success plan.
$250.00 Judging Jun 17, 2020 110 Judging
United States   Central Valley Signal 88 Security
Private Security Company
$200.00 Judging Jun 12, 2020 45 Judging
United States   Eaker Law Firm, PC
Divorce Lawyer and Mediator in North Texas. We pride ourselves on being different. Approachable, problem solvers, reduce the drama and recognize the emotions in the problems we help solve. Humor is ...
$260.00 Judging Jun 08, 2020 272 Judging
United States   SIGNPROgrammers, Inc.
We create digital sign ads for led signs. Most people use cartoons. or holidays, american flag wavign or time and temp or just plane awful self made ads with spinning, scrolling. We create real video c ...
$200.00 Judging Jun 06, 2020 181 Judging
United States   Enrique Fonseca
I am a loan officer who helps people buy homes step by step; from start to finish. I'll help you even if you don't qualify. I'll give you a step by step plan so you know what to do to qualify in the ne ...
$250.00 Judging May 25, 2020 140 Judging
United States   MySneakaHabit
MySneakaHabit is a company dedicated to satisfying our customers with the most exclusive and authentic luxury sneakers.
$400.00 Judging May 21, 2020 148 Judging
United States   American Fountians
$250.00 Judging Apr 11, 2020 217 Judging
Mexico   Maderia
$200.00 Judging Mar 28, 2020 193 Judging
United States   Local Anywhere
Local Anywhere is a clothing company. Focus on shirts and hats. The brand Local Anywhere is for everyone that loves traveling and enjoy local experiences. In the logo I would like to be able to use th ...
$200.00 Judging Mar 27, 2020 247 Judging
Canada   Facetival Photo Booth
We are a photo booth company. Our business is unique because rather than just the regular funny glasses and stick props we have headpieces and other costume accessories like you would see in a brazilia ...
$200.00 Judging Mar 03, 2020 116 Judging