Recently Added Logo Design Contests

Project Prize Status Posted On Entries End
United States   7Summits Brewing Company The Seven Summits Brewing Company will brew seven types of craft beer, each named after one of the Seven Summits (The highest mountain on each of the seven continents). $500.00 Accepting Entries Aug 12, 2019 116 1 days 16 hours
4 minutes
United States   Eating Disorder Institute of Las Vegas (can also be EDI as long as name of business is evident as well) This is an evidence based, multidisciplinary, outpatient treatment center for eating disorders and related concerns. We treat individuals and families of all ages. We are also a training site for docto... $400.00 Accepting Entries Aug 13, 2019 18 2 days 15 hours
7 minutes
United States   RLWJames Residential Home Remodeling $300.00 Accepting Entries Aug 15, 2019 80 1 days 13 hours
46 minutes
United States   West Georgia Produce Hydroponic farming growing several varieties of lettuce $200.00 Accepting Entries Aug 16, 2019 12 2 days 14 hours
17 minutes
United States   Bader Logistics  featured My company will be a brokerage firm operating in the trucking industry. Essentially I will be using my connections in the industry to provide competitive trucking and shipping rates nationwide for cont... $350.00 Accepting Entries Aug 16, 2019 27 5 days 15 hours
59 minutes
United States   Michael James Custom Remodeling Luxury Home Remodeling. I am rebranding my company name from SPS Remodeling to my personal name - Michael James Custom Remodeling. Attached is my current logo $300.00 Accepting Entries Aug 16, 2019 42 2 days 16 hours
59 minutes
Denmark   Enno I would like the logo to be warm, round, stylish and innovative/modern (not science fiction). Light colors are welcome. Not too corporate, but clean lines. $200.00 Accepting Entries Aug 20, 2019 25 4 days 9 hours
12 minutes