Recently Added Logo Design Contests

Project Prize Status Posted On Entries End
United States   Copper Mountain Logistics We are a freight broker company. We put carriers together with customers wanting to move freight. $250.00 Accepting Entries Jul 06, 2020 89 1 days 9 hours
59 minutes
Mexico   SK 21 Kills calcium, lime and rust in windows, toilettes and tiles $200.00 Accepting Entries Jul 07, 2020 26 1 days 22 hours
2 minutes
United States   TFIT  featured My Mission is to help a broken society realize the lie that's been told to them. You ARE WORTHY, YOU ARE VALUABLE, YOU ARE CONFIDENT! By listening we will create a deep connection that will help buil... $250.00 Accepting Entries Jul 04, 2020 140 2 days 9 hours
11 minutes
United States   Apex Waste Management Apex Waste Management will be specifically targeting apartment/senior living complexes and provide valet trash services. The resident leaves their trash in a provided trash bin by Apex (logo and inform... $275.00 Accepting Entries Jul 07, 2020 54 2 days 13 hours
19 minutes
United States   ChatPay Digital payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo) integrated with conversational interfaces (SMS, Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger) $250.00 Accepting Entries Jul 08, 2020 89 3 days 9 hours
9 minutes
United States   Ova Pure think organic! $200.00 Accepting Entries Jul 08, 2020 66 3 days 13 hours
59 minutes
United States   Lucky Mud Farm  featured A farm that mainly produces culinary mushrooms. We also produce seasonal produce and tea. $200.00 Accepting Entries Jul 09, 2020 29 4 days 16 hours
57 minutes
United States   LA Legal Team A professional law corporation providing services for individuals injured in accidents. $250.00 Accepting Entries Jul 08, 2020 157 5 days 17 hours
28 minutes