How Does Logo Contest Work?


1.  Why should I offer a larger prize amount for my logo contest instead of just the minimum?

When you launch your contest, we immediately announce it to our entire logo designer community by email. The higher the prize amount, the more entries you will receive, and the more likely you will also get more of the very best logo designers to participate in your contest. Some of the best designers are simply not interested in working for the minimum award amounts.


You will also see much more competition between the designers as they compete to be ranked first place and deliver you the design you are dreaming of when you increase your contest prize amount. Remember, your Logo or Web Page is the first thing a customer sees, and you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is never the time to be looking for a bargain.

2.   What is the best length of time to run my logo contest?


Although you can run your contest for as long as 14 days, we recommend choosing either a 5 or 7 or 10 day contest. By choosing a shorter time, you will keep the designers more involved and much less likely to forget about submitting a design for your contest.


3.   How do I leave feedback?

At the bottom of your contest page is a "Add Comments" button. Please use this to guide the designers in the right direction. You can also send personal messages to each designer by clicking their user name or one of their submissions and then the "Send Private Message" button.

4.   How do I edit my contest if I have changes?

At this time we do not allow clients to edit contests without notifying us first.  You can use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of all pages with your changes and we will edit your contest description. You can also add additional info to your contest by clicking the "Add Comments" button on your "My Contest" page.

5.  How can I share my contest and get opinions from friends and family?


You can click the "Share This" button on your contest page and share your contest via email or on Facebook or Twitter.


6.   What if I do not see any designs that I like?

Please keep in mind that a lot of the top designers wait to submit entries near the end of the contest.
They like to see your rankings and feedback before they enter. As long as you have ranked or commented daily on your contest page, you may request an extension of your contest for up to 7 additional days.


We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your new logo. To extend your contest please Contact Us


7.   What if I want to purchase 2nd and 3rd place designs?

If you would like to purchase the 2nd and 3rd place designs this can be done in the judging process when the contest is over. The cost to purchase these designs is 50% each of the original contest award plus admin fee. You will have up to 30 days to purchase these additional designs after you have finalized your selections.

8.   What is a logo dispute?

On occasion a designer will copy another designer's logo. When this happens a "logo dispute" is launched and the designers in our community will vote as a group if they believe the logo was copied.

If the designer loses the dispute the logo will instantly be replaced with an image that says "Removed by Admin". The logo dispute center protects both clients and designers and makes a better place for all of your design needs.

9.    Why are some designs "Removed by Designer"?

Designers sometimes will withdraw a logo, make a few changes and re upload another design. They will also withdraw logos because they might feel that the quality is not as good as it should be or if you have eliminated the design from the contest.

10.   Can I ask for variations of my logo once it has ended?

Yes, once your contest has ended please feel free to ask for different backgrounds or small changes. You can private message a designer or post a comment on your contest page. Once you are completely satisfied you can approve the files by clicking a button and the prize money will be released to the winning designer.
If your contest is in judging mode and you need variation from designers please contact us and we will open your contest up so the changes can be submitted..

11.   How will I receive my logo?

After your contest ends you have 14 days to select a winner. Once you select a winner the designer will be notified to upload the winning files. You can download the files under "My Ended Contests". When you receive the files and are satisfied simply hit "approved" and the designer will be scheduled for payment. If you need more time to select a winner please Contact Us
12.    What format will my design be delivered in?

You will receive .JPG .PNG .GIF and the .EPS (web ready images ready to use).
The .EPS can be opened with Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw to be edited and is the master file for changing sizes, colors, shapes, resolution and fonts. This is the file to use for any promotional materials.

The .PNG is a high resolution image with a transparent background.

You will own 100% of your design and will receive a free legal contract confirming ownership.

13.   When does release the prepaid award money to the designer?

The winning designer does not get paid until you receive all of the logo files and you are 100% satisfied. If you do not give final approval after receiving the files we will automatically approve and pay the designer(s) within 30 days after the files were given to you. If you have any issues whatsoever before this time please Contact Us.


14.   How do I rank the designs?

Rank designs by clicking the drop down below each design. We recommend ranking designs constantly while your contest is being held. You can rank designs 1 through 10 and mark logos with "Elements we like", "Elements we like - FONT", "Elements we like - COLOR" or "Eliminated", this will help the designers know your preferences.


15. What is the minimum number of designs I should receive?


We guarantee you will receive at least 40 designs for your contest or we will extend it for up to 7 additional days. If after the extension you still haven't received the minimum number of designs, we will cancel your contest and refund 100% of your contest prize money upon request. (Additional admin and contest fees are not refundable.) Once your contest receives 40 submissions, the prize amount becomes "Guaranteed" and a refund cannot be granted, however the designers will always work with you even while judging and continue to refine the designs and we will then enter them into your contest.


16.   How long do I have to select a winner after my contest has ended?

You have 14 days after your contest has ended to select a winner. If you do not select a winner within 90 days, the site administrator will move your contest to completed and your prize money will be forfeited. If you need more time to select a winner please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of all pages.


17.   Are there any special rules if I want to run my contest on multiple design contest sites?


Yes, if you choose to run your contest on multiple sites hoping to choose one logo and get a refund on the other sites, our policy is clear...your contest is automatically guaranteed and we will not grant a refund under any circumstances if you run your contest on multiple sites, no exceptions.


18. What happens if I never choose a winner for my contest?


After 90 days, your contest will become "Abandoned" and LogoContest will move your contest to "Completed".

All prize money will be forfeited.