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The Contest Brief

Contest Holder Name:  jcrouch227

Company Name: Antonio Berto

Company Slogan: 

Description and What We Do: a "brand" for an endodontist (teeth- dentist) who lectures - used on promo pieces, slides, etc - needs to be professional, distinctive - VERY specific ask: put his initials "AB" into a style reminiscent of the Real Madrid (soccer) emblem.

Industry Type: Dental

Top Three Things To Communicate Through Our Logo Design:

#1 Distinctive

#2 Expert

#3 Creative

Our Target Audience:

General Dentists (affluent, professional, medical) who will attend his lectures, watch his videos

We Like These Colors:

See Real Madrid (soccer) logo - specific ask - utilize similar colors, emblem (perhaps a subtle tooth shape?) and stylize his initials "AB" as the letters are in Real Madrid logo. Needs to work on white or dark backgrounds - and as a 1-color execution as well.

Design Preference Sliders:
Grey Black White 

Design Styles We Would Like To See:

Our Design Will Be Used On:

Web, Print, Imprinted Promotional Products

Contest Attachments:

2015-04-23 05:59:58

Contest Entries

  • Client Rank: # 1 Berto.png Submission #37
    By  Kebasen
  • Client Rank: # 2 1.jpg Submission #63
    By  fransisca
  • Client Rank: # Elements we like Submission #53
    By  bilqis
  • Client Rank: # Not Ranked 1.png Submission #54
    By  bilqis
  • Client Rank: # Not Ranked 2.png Submission #55
    By  bilqis
  • Client Rank: # Not Ranked Submission #56
    By  IulianM.
  • Client Rank: # Not Ranked Berto.jpg Submission #38
    By  dalsan
  • Client Rank: # Not Ranked Berto1.jpg Submission #39
    By  dalsan
  • Client Rank: # Not Ranked Berto2.jpg Submission #40
    By  dalsan
  • Client Rank: # Not Ranked Submission #95
    By  fkreationz
  • Client Rank: # Not Ranked Submission #96
    By  fkreationz
  • Client Rank: # Not Ranked Submission #97
    By  fkreationz

Contest Comments

 United States

Joined: Apr 23, 2015

Posted On: May 15, 2015

All the Designs are EXCELLENT - I was blown away with amount of great options - what a great resource and amazing talents. We are choosing the #37 design by Kebasen after a lot of thorough review and discussion! Thank you all!


Joined: Jan 01, 1970

Posted On: Apr 23, 2015

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