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The Contest Brief

Contest Holder Name:  davestern

Company Name: Content Control, Inc

Company Slogan: Protected by Content Control (optional for design)

Description and What We Do: This is a dual use logo. First use is for corporate letter head. Second use is for content internet video/image substitution of this logo.

Industry Type: Internet and Web Services

Top Three Things To Communicate Through Our Logo Design:

#1 Protection / Safety

#2 Granular Targeting of content

#3 Friendly and Inviting

Our Target Audience:

Dual use: investors/banks and enterprise customers technical and non-technical End-User: full age spectrum that used computers, including parents of minors that need this.

We Like These Colors:

Leave it up to you!

Design Preference Sliders:
Grey Black White 

Design Styles We Would Like To See:


A Wordmark consists of the company name in a stylized type or font.

Pictorial Mark

An image or shape that is easy to recognize to represent your business

Shield or Emblem Mark

Name of business inside a shape or picture element

Web 2.0

Internet trends including bold vibrant colors, 3D graphics, shadows, gradients, rounded corners etc.

Our Design Will Be Used On:

Web, Print, Signage and Billboards, Television, Imprinted Promotional Products

Contest Attachments:

Contest Entries

  • Client Rank: # 1 CONTROL, INC.png Submission #71
    By  Getzcrutz
  • Client Rank: # 2 Control Inc.png Submission #109
    By  Isa
  • Client Rank: # 3 Control.png Submission #23
    By  FriZign
  • Client Rank: # Elements we like Artboard 1.png Submission #44
    By  sweethuhknee
  • Client Rank: # Eliminated Control-01.jpg Control-01.jpg
    Submission #38
    By  crossdesain
  • Client Rank: # Eliminated Control 2-01.jpg Control 2-01.jpg
    Submission #55
    By  crossdesain
  • Client Rank: # Eliminated Control 3-01.jpg Control 3-01.jpg
    Submission #60
    By  crossdesain

Contest Comments

 United States

Joined: Feb 02, 2018

Posted On: Feb 05, 2018

Thanks to everyone for your submissions so far! I have eliminated those that I feel won't get there!


Joined: Jan 01, 1970

Posted On: Feb 02, 2018

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