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United States   ISP
An international community of teachers who work together to change their classroom, community, and country
$250.00 Judging Jun 06, 2019 323 Judging
United States   Naughty Montessori Pirates
Naughty Montessori Pirates Protecting the East Cape since 2019
$1200.00 Judging May 31, 2019 166 Judging
United States   elevate holistics
We provide medical scripts for the cannabis industry
$350.00 Judging May 31, 2019 106 Judging
United States   BLUE CENOTE
$200.00 Judging May 29, 2019 95 Judging
United States   Occlusion
We are making a logo for a private FACEBOOK Page that will include two kinds of dentists - Endodontists and Restorative. They are a natural procedural fit for each other as they complete root canals f ...
$200.00 Judging May 23, 2019 151 Judging
Australia  Private Contest  
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$200.00 Judging May 22, 2019 77 Judging
United States   Bland's Wrecker Service
Bland's Wrecker Service is one of Indiana's oldest and largest wrecker companies based out of Bloomington Indiana. This year we are celebrating our 50th year of service to our community. The company wa ...
$300.00 Judging May 20, 2019 63 Judging
We want a logo to brand one of the Government Institution in Tanzania namely THE MINING COMMISSION. The aim of the Commission is to enhance management of the Mining Sector in the country and to ensure ...
$500.00 Judging May 13, 2019 313 Judging
Austria   VOP (attention there must be two dots on the O-character in the German name which are important to show the correct letter)
"VÖP" stands for the Association for Austrian foundations and trusts. The old old-style logo (see attached) should be replaced by a new more dynamic and modern one. The organization represents the int ...
$250.00 Judging May 10, 2019 331 Judging
United States   Denali RV Resort
state of the art rv park and resort, luxury rv park with full amenity package
$300.00 Judging May 08, 2019 175 Judging
Italy  Private Contest  
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$300.00 Judging May 07, 2019 131 Judging
United States   Big Country Saloon
Country western dance hall and saloon
$250.00 Judging Apr 15, 2019 33 Judging
United States   Love Our Living
We are a husband and wife team that host a podcast called Love Our Living. We are available on itunes and other podcast networks. We talk about being a big blended family with 5 kids, major careers, ...
$200.00 Judging Apr 13, 2019 51 Judging
Mongolia  Private Contest  
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$250.00 Judging Apr 02, 2019 326 Judging
United States   Contoured with Class
Esthetician business focused on overall skincare wellness.
$200.00 Judging Mar 29, 2019 88 Judging
United States   Golden Carriers Inc
Golden Carriers is a 4th generation Bonded Trucking and Warehousing company. We specialize in container work, storage, and brokerage. www.goldencarriers.com
$300.00 Judging Mar 29, 2019 67 Judging
United States  Private Contest  
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$300.00 Judging Mar 28, 2019 212 Judging
TV show - Series about Hollywood and Celebrities, the well-known scandals of the showbiz world and the scandalous hollywood stories that everybody wants to know. number of episodes: 13x26'
$400.00 Judging Mar 18, 2019 77 Judging
United States   Prince Leasing Services
We are a commercial leasing company based in New York City. We work with Landlords on helping them lease out their retail and office space. We also work with small to large business in helping them fin ...
$300.00 Judging Mar 13, 2019 156 Judging
United States   Hitch
Hitch is an app that will be used by Truck Drivers to find the best loads for them to take. Think of it as Kayak for truck drivers. It will make the lives of truckers and brokers more efficient and all ...
$200.00 Judging Mar 12, 2019 254 Judging