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United States   North American Waterfowl Association
This is a new club focusing on showing domestic waterfowl
$200.00 LukeConcept Jun 06, 2019 54 4 days 18 hours
55 minutes
United States   ProContentPlus
I want to create a logo for my content development company. We provide website content, blog posts and video development on demand.
$200.00 master.design Jun 05, 2019 198 7 days 16 hours
5 minutes
Italy   Lolli Soccer School
Lolli Soccer School is a soccer school and team located in north italy. Lolli is the most important part of the logo cause it's the name of a 64 years famous coach in italy. The logo will rappresent th ...
$200.00 LukeConcept Jun 05, 2019 66 6 days 2 hours
8 minutes
Italy   Centro Sportivo Lancilina
Centro Sportivo Lancilina is a sport center with different sports like soccer, beach volley, beach tennis and padle. The structure is situated in Rome and it's a sport center for adults and children.
$200.00 Poli Jun 05, 2019 46 6 days 2 hours
25 minutes
United States   Keystone Moving Group
We are a long distance Moving Company based out of Florida. We service 48 states. We provide Trucking, Packing, Storage, and everything else needed for your move.
$300.00 Oasis_Crea Jun 03, 2019 208 9 days 18 hours
57 minutes
United States   pope
We are a design company focused on creating tasteful, chic spaces. Our objective is to be timeless and current.
$250.00 mumul May 30, 2019 268 9 days 8 hours
52 minutes
United States   Mayday Cleaning Services
Residential and commercial cleaning services
$250.00 prosenjit May 27, 2019 208 16 days 18 hours
31 minutes
Canada  Private Contest  
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$200.00 mmyousuf1968 May 23, 2019 321 20 days 16 hours
31 minutes
Australia   LanCrete
our services cover Building, concreting, landscaping, Earthmoving plant hire
$200.00 gangnamstyle May 20, 2019 151 22 days 5 hours
57 minutes
United States   Smile Studio Dental
New, modern dental office. "Smile Studio" should be on the top line with "dental" underneath it.
$250.00 vidhi May 19, 2019 366 19 days 16 hours
16 minutes
Used Car Dealership. Selling Right Hand Drive Quality cars in Left Hand Drive Country(in Canada)
$250.00 LukeConcept May 19, 2019 153 19 days 18 hours
29 minutes
Mexico   G Boys Garage & A Lady
Classic and Muscle Auto restoration and Collection, modified and original cars build ups.
$400.00 SETE7 May 16, 2019 258 26 days 7 hours
55 minutes
United States   Myrtle Beach Golf Trail
Myrtle Beach Golf Trail will be a website that features a select list of courses (approx. 30) in the Myrtle Beach area and allows customer to bundle multiple courses to play on a golf package.
$400.00 gangnamstyle May 15, 2019 79 28 days 13 hours
39 minutes
United States   Thrive Co-Living Communities
Thrive Co-Living Communities are cooperative, inclusive, multi-generational facilities that use abandoned big box stores (Walmart, Kmart, etc.) to house loft apartments, common kitchen and activity are ...
$200.00 ullasbfa May 14, 2019 176 27 days 21 hours
17 minutes
United States   Twin Pine Family Chiropractic
We are a small family chiropractic office that will be using this logo across the board on our signage, letterhead, business cards, to be made into vinyl wall decals for the practice, on our social med ...
$200.00 gangnamstyle May 13, 2019 116 28 days 17 hours
33 minutes
United States   Forever Young Spa
We are a Medical Spa offering several aesthetic procedures including injections (botox/dysport), fillers, laser, PRP, micro needling, facials. We like Gold and lips as it portrays beauty and elegance
$375.00 The high May 11, 2019 142 27 days 13 hours
6 minutes
Malta  Private Contest  
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$250.00 puttul1950 May 10, 2019 96 28 days 18 hours
32 minutes